Property Depreciation

Claim property depreciation deductions and get more cash back from the ATO.
80% of property owners are missing out on property depreciation deductions. Commercial and residential property owners
are often unaware of the tax deductions available through property depreciation.
As an income producing building gets older and items within it wear out, they depreciate in value. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property owners to claim tax back for this depreciation. Investors do not have to spend money to claim depreciation. As a non-cash deduction, depreciation is often missed.
Richardson & Wrench aim to ensure commercial and rental property owners are maximising their cash return. Richardson
& Wrench have a relationship with BMT Tax Depreciation who specialise in property depreciation for all kinds of
properties including residential, hotels, offices, industrial, retail and medical buildings.
The BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator is a useful tool for property investors to calculate the likely depreciation deductions available. To use the depreciation calculator simply click the button below:

Depreciation Calculator

Following are some important points about property depreciation:
> The property does not have to be new: Most properties, both new and old, will attract some depreciation deductions. A common myth is that older properties will attract no claim. It is worth making an enquiry about any property.
> You need a specialist: Engaging the services of a quantity surveyor who specialises in tax depreciation makes investment property ownership easier by maximising tax deductions and increasing the cash return.
> “The BMT guarantee!” BMT Tax Depreciation guarantees you will receive double the fee worth of deductions in the first full financial year claim or there will be no charge for our services.
> BMT work with your accountant: BMT Tax Depreciation will work alongside the investor’s accountant to compliment their service and produce a report that is easily interpreted.
> Previous year’s tax returns can be adjusted: if depreciation has not been claimed, investors can go back and claim deductions from previous financial years. The ATO may have to pay the investor money back!
> Improve your cash flow: Property depreciation can improve cash flow and reduce the cost of owning an investment. In most cases, depreciation will pay for your yearly management fees and more.
> The below table contains examples of deductions available: The depreciation benefit obtainable depends greatly on the type of building, its age, use and fitout. Based on the Diminishing Value method of depreciation, several building scenarios are provided as an approximate guide.
BMT Tax Depreciation is a firm of quantity surveyors specialising in maximising depreciation deductions for property investors. 


As a Richardson & Wrench client you will receive a special reduced fee.
For a free assessment of the likely deductions to which you are entitled, call and speak to a BMT depreciation specialist today on 1300 728 726.
To learn more about property depreciation and what you can claim, click the links below to read articles or watch educational videos.

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